Registered Micro Miniature Donkeys
Small, Top Quality
Adorable little creatures - LOW to the ground (Low-Down),
easy to Hug and Love
Bandera, Texas

Many thanks to all the great people who have supported us over the years.

We are located on 18 acres in Bandera, Tx, with high elevations, and beautiful, panoramic views, as far as the eye can see. We are within 40 minutes of San Antonio, 30 minutes to Boerne and Kerrville.
Sunset Acres Jaden - 28.5" Dark Red/White Spotted
N & D's Lonestar Windjammer - 25" Classic Gray
Low-Down's Sundown - Dark Brown Future Herdsire

We breed and hand-raise happy, healthy, very loving little donkeys that are a pleasure to own and care for.  Our herd is kept small so that we can give lots of attention to the donkeys and make sure the few breedings we do each year result in very nice quality donkeys that we can find wonderful homes for.  We strive for conformation, wonderful personality and small size.  These little guys  will also be delightful pets you can be proud to own and will look fabulous in your pasture.

Donkeys make the perfect pet - intelligent, loving, healthy, easy to care for.  You don't need lots of acreage, but you do need enough room for them to run and play, along with secure fencing and a snug, 3-sided, roomy shelter.  Donkeys are easily trained for show, to pull a cart, jumping, obstacle courses, etc.  They love to have something fun to do and thrive on attention.  Best of all, they're snuggly, loving, nice smelling sweeties.  If you have to ask what you do with miniature donkeys, all I can say, is - you've never met one in person!  Once you've had the pleasure of interacting with these personable, loveable, little creatures, you'll know!  Give them the respect and love they deserve and you'll have a friend and companion for life!!

Our donkeys receive regular vaccinations, hoof care, worming, and another important thing - lots of love & attention.  They are also micro-chipped to safeguard their pedigrees and identify.  These sweeties expect and demand their daily hugs and kisses.

WE DO NOT SELL GUARD DONKEYS.  Minis are not large enough to protect themselves easily against predators, so please, if you're looking for a guard, search for at least a standard size jenny that has been raised as a guard.  WE DO NOT SELL "ONLY CHILD DONKEYS either.  In order to be happy, a donkey should have at least one buddy - preferably another donkey, although they will bond to horses and other livestock.  We will not sell a donkey to a "weekend only" home.  We feel any animal should have supervision and daily love and care.

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