Our babies are bred, born and lovingly raised

 Donkey Transportation
We have the convenience of several international export transportation companies, just a few hours away from our donkey ranch.

All our donkeys receive regular vaccinations, hoof care, worming, and another important thing - lots of love & attention.  We microchip our donkeys to safeguard their pedigree and identity and our herd sires are also dna typed.  We believe in finding the best possible homes for our little treasures.  We do not sell miniatures as guard donkeys, nor do we sell "only child" donkeys!  Minis are not big enough to be guards, and in order to be happy, a donkey should have at least one buddy - preferably another donkey.  If you are looking for a guard, look for a standard size donkey. We also will not sell to a "weekend only" home.  We feel any animal should have supervision and daily love and care.

We have carefully chosen our jacks and jennets for conformation, excellent teeth and wonderful personality.  This is very important, as they pass these genetics on to their offspring.  Our goal is to produce a small, extra loveable donkey.  Our donkeys are extremely sociable and loving - they get daily hugs and nose kisses and are highly insulted if you are in a hurry and overlook them.  Our herd is small sized - under 30" for the most part, sturdy and compact, with cute heads, nice legs and good chests.

I predominately breed for dark spotted and red, along with very dark colors, but I also have a couple of gray jennets to preserve the integrity and pedigree of the miniature Mediterranean gray donkey.  We will continue to concentrate on breeding for what we like the best - 30" or less, small, compact and correct miniature donkeys with sassy, spoiled personalities.
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