We have a collection of small, nicely built, beautiful jennets at our ranch.  They range in size from extra tiny to less than 30".  They are of medium to drafty build, with colors ranging from frosted white, gray, black, along with spotted and red.  Our personal preference is extra small and stocky, so our herd has been built on this preference.  Most of our jennets are red based.

I predominately breed for dark spotted and red, along with very dark colors, but I also have a couple of small gray jennets to preserve the integrity and pedigree of the miniature Mediterranean gray donkey.  In my opinion, there is nothing prettier than a small, stocky gray donkey.

I have carefully selected and produced our donkeys for conformation - overall balance, good legs, nice chests, round butts, pretty heads and good teeth.  I adore pretty heads and compact, stocky body types!  I admire all beautiful donkeys - my preference just happens to be compact and small.

Our goal is to produce a donkey with small size, very nice conformation, along with beautiful color and an excellent, loving personality.  We want our donkeys to be a pleasure to own, provide companionship and entertainment, along with being flashy little spots of color for your pasture.
MGF In My Dreams
29.75" Frosted White Spotted
DNA Color Typed Red Based Jennet
I just love this jennet.  She is frosted white, with red tipped ears and a few, barely discernable red spots.  Dreams has produced several outstanding foals for us.
Low-Down's Jenna
Red/White Spotted Jennet
Birth Height - 19.75" at 2 days old
Dam:  MGF In My Dreams - 29.75" FF Spotted
Sire:  Sunset Acres Jaden - 28.5" Dark Red/White Spotted
This little jennet is true red/white spotted, small and adorable, with a stocky, compact body.
Low-Down's Ellie
Dark Brown NLP
DOB:  3/27/15
Birth Height at 3 Days:  17.75"  Height at 2 Months:  22"
Dam:  Low-Down's Nicoletta - 28" Dark Brown/Black/White Spotted
Sire:  Sunset Acres Jaden - 28.5" Dark Red/White Spotted
Ellie is a typical, tiny Nicoletta foal, with feminine, refined features.
DuPlessis Farm's Klein Chloe
28" Dark Gray Long-Haired Jennet
This very feminine, long-haired jennet comes from a long line of tiny donkeys, and produces beautiful, tiny foals.
Low-Down's Nicoletta
28" Black/Dark Brown/White Spotted
This exquisite, tiny jennet is the daughter of Chloe (black) and Oscar Wildside (dark spotted), grandson of the deceased 26" GP Oscar.  Nik is dainty and petite with such a quiet personality.  She has definitely taken the tiny size from her grandsire.
Nicoletta (dam) and Cammie
Low-Down's Cameron
29" Black/Dark Brown/White Spotted Jennet
Cammie is adorable, very correct, and is a part of our tiny breeding program.  Her dam, Nicoletta, is just shy of 28" and her sire is 28" dark brown, red based Brodie.
Happy Times Suzy Q
29.5" Jet Black
Even in the August Texas sun, Suzy is still totally black, no cross, and has lovely, very white points.  Along with Jaden, Suzy carries the wooly gene, as her first foal was a jet black long hair.
GJR Amazing Ava
28.5" Masked Gray Spotted
This is an adorable little jennet.  Her sire is 26.5" N&D's Cadillac Cowboy; her dam is 29.5" Heiken's Ark Ariel.
N&D's Lonestar Honey Bunny
27.5" Classic Gray
Bunny is a small, sassy, classic gray jennet.  Her sire is 25 1/8" N&D's Cowboy's Baron; her dam is 27 3/4" Gee Haw's Rose Petal.
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Low-Down's Cleome
Cleo is a typical Nik baby....beautiful conformation, refined body type, 18".  Cleo is black with cross and light points.  She is another great asset to our future herd.