Introducing Jaden, our top man on the ranch.  He is correct and small, at 28.5", and has a particular look that we like, with a small, compact body and exquisite baby doll head.  We are very particular about our donkeys and demand that our jacks produce as well, or better than themselves.  Jaden has also proven himself by giving us tiny, correct foals.

We have also added another tiny herdsire, N&D's Lonestar Windjammer.  We are looking forward to future tiny foals from him.  We are also retaining an extra tiny junior herdsire, Low Down's Sundown.  He is sired by Jaden, out of tiny Chloe.  Sundown's full sister is 24.25" at almost 3 years of age.  Lots of long hair and tiny genetics.

We will continue to concentrate on breeding for what we like the best - less than 30" small, compact and correct miniature donkeys with cute little heads and sassy, spoiled personalities.

Sunset Acres Jaden -  SOLD
28.5" Dark Red/White Spotted
Sire:  Sunset Acres Hot Day In July - 29" Brown/White Spotted
Dam:  Sunset Acres Hip Heart - 28.5" Brown/Gray/White Spotted Long Hair
A stunning little jack.... Jaden has so much to offer; small size, baby doll head, red spots, with small genetics.  He has a medium stocky build, and is dna tested e1/e1/ red.  Basically, Jaden is red/spotted and only has the red and spotted gene to give, so bred to red, he can only produce red or red spotted foals.  Jaden has given us several tiny foals to be proud of, along with a jet black long hair.
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N&D's Lonestar Windjammer -  SOLD
25" Classic Gray Junior Herdsire
Sire:  N&D's Cowboy's Baron - 25 1/8" Brown/White Spotted
Dam:  Triple G Gidget - 28.5" Gray
We are excited to add the bloodline of this tiny jack to our future foals.  Jammer also has the very calm, sweet attitude we look for in all our donkeys, along with small genetics.  He has sired his first foal, due in spring if all goes well.
Low-Down's  Sundown - SOLD
Dark Brown Junior Herdsire
Sire:  Sunset Acres Jaden - 28 1/2" Red/White Spotted
Dam:  DuPlessis Farm's Klein Chloe - 28" Gray
This adorable, teensy boy was 16" at birth, and carries all the great qualities of his two small parents.  He took the long hair gene from both parents.  As a yearling, he is just over 24".